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Social Security on Death

If the decedent was receiving social security benefits via direct deposit into their bank account, you should call Social Security to notify them of the death to stop future payments.If not, Social Security will require a refund once they ascertain death has occurred. Many times, the funeral home may have already done this, so do check with them if they have reported the death to Social Security.

In addition, depending on who survives the deceased, there may be survivor's benefits (i.e. spouse, minor children, etc.) and or there may be death benefits due. You should inquire if there are any survivor's benefits payable to the surviving spouse and minor children. There also may be a Death benefit in a $255.00 lump sum will that will go to surviving spouse if deceased worked long enough. It may also be paid to a qualifying child if there is no surviving spouse.

Call Social Security(800)772-1213 for further details.

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