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What is a reasonable compensation for pain and suffering in a car accident?


What is a reasonable compensation for pain and suffering in a car accident?

My husband was involved in a car wreck over a month ago. The other driver was at fault and his insurance has accepted 100% liability. Unfortunately the other driver died in the crash. My husband was treated and released at the nearest ER with a fractured left hand, bruises to his chest and ribs and several lacerations. He still has flashbacks and nightmares seeing the other driver crash into him head-on and then slumped lifeless over the steering wheel. He slept almost 5 weeks in a chair because of the bruised ribs. He has 2 more weeks to wear a cast on his left hand which hinders him greatly due to being left handed. He now gets very tense when meeting other drivers on the road. This has been very emotionally and physically painful. In addition to the property loss (about $3200), lost wages (about $1000) and medical bills ($5000), how much is reasonable for pain and suffering? I know there's no exact formula but I would like a ball park idea of what is fair and reasonable. I am not wanting to get the most I can from it, just want to know what's reasonable when the injuries are minor but the side effects have been large.


Your husband's case has a high value and you should consult with an attorney to make sure you receive a fair offer. It could be you may recover less than full value if the other driver's insurance policy limits are low and in California many people carry the minimum level of $15,000.

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