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Workers Compensation Lawyers in Palm Springs

If you have suffered an injury at work, you may be entitled to the following benefits:

Medical Treatment - Medical Expenses are to be paid in full by the insurance company of your employer. Under some circumstances, you can choose your own doctor or transfer care.
Temporary Disability Benefits - Temporary Total Disability is paid at 2/3 of your average weekly wage up to the statutory maximum if you are unable to work until you can return to the job or have reached maximum medical improvement as determined by your doctor.
Permanent Disability Benefits - After you reach maximum medical improvement, your doctor will write a report detailing your factors of permanent disability, if any, and assign you an impairment rating under the AMA Guides.  An attorney can maximize your settlement and make sure the doctor's report reflects all of your factors of disability and all areas of impairment as defined in the AMA Guides.
Reimbursement for reasonably necessary out-of-pocket expenses and Mileage for travel to medical providers.
Educational Training Voucher for retraining at an approved school if you do not return to work for your employer within certain time limits.  Again, here, the amount of your voucher is dependent on your disability rating and you need representation to make sure your disability rating is fair and accurate.
Dependent Death Benefits to family members defined dependents in the case of the death of the injured worker.

You need expert legal help to adequately and fairly resolve your claim as soon as reasonably possible and obtain all benefits to which you may be entitled. The insurance company's primary purpose is to pay as little as possible on claims and is looking out for the best interests of the employer, not the employee. Your employer will have claims adjusters and attorneys looking out for their best interest and so should you, the employee.