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Wrongful Death Attorneys in Coachella Valley

The sudden, unexpected loss of a loved one is always shocking and painful. Palm Springs wrongful death attorneys at Gilbert & Bourke understand the devastation and grief that families feel when a loved one has been killed in a preventable fatal accident, as well as the emotional and financial challenges that families face going forward. Over the years we have represented hundreds of families, including husbands, wives, children, parents, brothers and sisters who have lost beloved family members in tragic, preventable deaths.

An Experienced Team of Advocates

Gilbert & Bourke, LLP is one of the preeminent wrongful death law firms in California.  And we are conveniently located in the Coachella Valley in Palm Springs, California and serve all the local desert cities. If you are grieving the unexpected loss of a close family member, you deserve an attorney who is compassionate and understanding, as well as experienced and knowledgeable in California wrongful death law. At Gilbert & Bourke, our wrongful death attorneys are seasoned advocates with more than 70 years collective experience representing families in California wrongful death cases.  We have recovered numerous seven and eight figure verdicts and settlements for all types of serious personal injury and wrongful death matters –See Our Case Results

What is Wrongful Death?

By definition, a wrongful death is a death caused by the negligence or misconduct of another individual or company. If another person or company either negligently or intentionally caused the death of a family member, you may be legally entitled to compensation for your loss. Wrongful death liability may arise out of a fatal motor vehicle accidentmotorcycle accidentpedestrian accidenttruck accidentaviation accidenttrain accident or boating accident, as well as intentional acts of violence. Wrongful death claims may also arise from medical malpractice or negligence, caregiver negligence or accidents caused by defectively manufactured or designed products. No matter who is responsible for the death of a family member, we can help you hold the party or parties financially accountable to the maximum extent under the law.

Wrongful Death Compensation

California wrongful death attorneys at Gilbert & Bourke are committed to seeing our clients get through a difficult time and helping them secure a future free from financial worry. Although no amount of money could ever bring back or replace a loved one’s companionship, compensation can prevent further financial turmoil after a family member’s death and hold a negligent wrongdoer financially accountable. Wrongful death claim compensation can include damages for:

• Decedent’s future anticipated earnings
• Final medical expenses
• Funeral and burial expenses
• Loss of companionship, care or protection as a result of the death
• Lost benefits of the victim (medical insurance, pension, 401K, etc.)
• Survivor’s pain, suffering and mental anguish

When to Contact a California Wrongful Death Attorney

Although it may be difficult to think about, it is important to contact a wrongful death attorney as soon as possible. Statutory time limits apply in all California wrongful death matters, which limit the amount of time you have to file a claim. It is also important to speak to an attorney soon to preserve evidence. If we represent you in your case, we will investigate all circumstances surrounding the accident and your loved one’s death immediately, which includes gathering and preserving evidence and interviewing witnesses.  We routinely consult with all kinds of experts in wrongful death matters, including accident reconstruction experts, product design engineers, construction site experts, medical specialists, OSHA experts, and others to establish liability for the death of a loved one. All wrongful death matters are unique, complex and difficult in their own way, and we treat each case as such.

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We are always available to review your legal situation and analyze the facts of your potential claim, with no obligation. We are  conveniently  located in Palm Springs and serve the entire Coachella Valley. Call us today to see how we can help you obtain justice and compensation for your loss. We are available day or night to discuss your case and answer your questions. Consultations are always free, and if we represent you, we will not charge legal fees unless we win your case.