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Estate planning involves making arrangements for the distributions of your assets and properties after death. Many people avoid thinking about estate planning and put it off until it is too late. Do not let this be you! Ensuring that a clear expression of your wishes is in place can provide an extensive range of benefits and can also prevent a lot of wasted time, hassle, and frustration for your loved ones.

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Whether you want to establish a trust and/or will, need help moving through the probate system after the death of a loved one, or have any other estate-related legal need, our attorneys at Gilbert & Bourke are here to assist. Our Palm Springs estate planning attorneys give each client personalized attention and customize our services to perfectly meet their needs and goals.

Commonly Asked Questions

What Happens if I Don't Have a Will?

Without a will or trust in place, the assets that you own will pass by intestate succession. This means that your spouse and children will receive them. If you do not have a spouse or children, they will be passed on to other relatives. It is never too early to begin planning out your estate. Talk to our Palm Springs estate planning attorneys for help!

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What are some Benefits of a Last or Living Will?

A will is a legal document that states your final wishes. It determines who your property goes to, guardians for any minor children, how debts and taxes will be paid, and more. This document is relatively easy to create, and our Palm Springs estate planning attorneys can give you peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of, should the unexpected occur.

  • Some benefits of wills include:
    • Least complex estate planning device
    • Easier to set up than other methods
    • Your final wishes clearly expressed in a legally sound manner
    • Minimize disputes between family members

Do I Need a Trust?

A trust is another type of legal document that ensures property and assets are transferred to heirs according to your wishes. Different from wills, trusts offer more privacy as they do not have to go through the probate system, they can also offer significant tax advantages for those with a high net worth. While they are more expensive to establish than a will, the benefits often supersede the costs.

In some cases, individuals can benefit from having both a will and a trust. Our Palm Springs estate planning attorneys can analyze your estate to see if we recommend setting up both types of documents.

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