Dog Attacks & Bites

Injured in a Dog Attack?

Every year across the United States, thousands of people are injured by dog bites and in dog attacks, requiring some form of medical attention. In some instances, these attacks are very gruesome and result in injuries that cause lifelong medical complications, scarring, and severe disfigurement. Victims may also suffer from major psychological trauma, and develop anxiety, a lifelong fear of dogs, and other issues.

If you were the victim of an attack by a dog that another individual owned, why should you have to bear the financial burden of medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs for something that was not your fault? You shouldn't have to, and our Palm Springs dog bite lawyers are here to make sure you are justly compensated. We fight to make sure that you recover medical costs, treatments, and missed wages.

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Suffered one or more of the following dog bite injuries? Call us for help:

  • Puncture wounds and tearing
  • Lacerations
  • Infections and diseases, such as rabies
  • Broken or crushed bones or joints
  • Psychological trauma

Determining Dog Owner Liability

When a dog attacks and injures another individual, California law applies "strict liability" to the owner. This means that they cannot dispute who was at fault in the situation and are held fully responsible for paying any resulting damages, as long as the victim was not a trespasser or provoking the dog.

Having an experienced team of injury attorneys take on your claim can significantly improve the chances of a successful claim. Our team at Gilbert & Bourke has an extensive track record of success in dog bite cases, and is well-prepared to assist you!

Palm Springs Dog Bite Attorneys: Building a Strong Case on Your Behalf

After suffering a dog bite, it is critical to take care of yourself first and seek immediate medical attention. If you are also able to obtain the owner's contact, the breed of the dog, and any other information or photographs relating to the attack, this can be extremely useful in building your case.

Our injury lawyers can also independently investigate the evidence, interview witnesses, browse through medical reports, consult with experts, and work tirelessly to build the strongest possible claim on your behalf. To learn about your rights under the law as a dog attack victim, schedule a free consultation with us.

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