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    • $1.250 Million dollar settlement for injured motorcyclist

      We represented an injured motorcyclist who was struck due to the negligence on an elderly driver in La Quinta. Through our diligence in negotiation, litigation and presentation of a clear picture of our client’s damages, we were able to obtain the full policy limit of the driver’s insurance, as well as an excess “umbrella coverage” policy we discovered. Even though our client did sustain serious injuries, through our thorough file work up at each level of the case, the insurance company tendered the full policy limits which may have exceeded the value of our client’s case, due to their fear they may be exposed to a bad faith claim for their handling of the negotiations.

    • $100,000 settlement for injured worker against “co-employee”

      Normally an employee injured on the job by a fellow co-worker, is limited to worker compensation as a remedy. Our client was hit by a car in the parking lot of her school sustaining injuries. We obtained a full settlement for her work injuries from the Worker’s Compensation Insurance Company, but were also able to settle with the automobile insurance company of the negligent driver, when our investigation revealed that, while he worked as a teacher at the same school, he was technically employed by another agency, thereby allowing our client to file a lawsuit against the fellow teacher for negligence. We were able to settle for the full policy limits.

    • $195,000 settlement for customer injured in a super market in Beaumont

      We represented an elderly gentleman with a history of previous injuries, who was struck by a hand truck being pushed by a beverage company while stocking shelves at a market in Beaumont. We were able to establish the new injuries and aggravation of old injuries for our client through the use of a respected medical expert, and were able, after extensive litigation and Mediation to obtain a settlement well above our client’s expectations.

    • $2 million dollar settlement for injuries to father caused by son

      We were retained to represent an elderly gentleman who received serious injuries as a result of a collision with his son’s big-rig on Interstate 10. In our case, the father was following his son driving his son’s pick-up truck while helping his son move his furniture to his new apartment. We were able to ascertain, though our investigation, that the son, who was classified as an independent contractor working for a large trucking company was allowed to drive his truck on his own time. We found they made him pay, out of his wages, for a personal liability policy that actually had a higher limit than that carried by the large trucking company. The accident was caused, even though it was a windy day, by the son who lost control of his truck for unknown reasons and crashed into his father driving the son’s pick-up truck. Though our efforts in investigation, litigation and negotiations, we were able to obtain the full policy limit from the son’s insurance carrier.

    • $245,000 settlement for injury caused by object falling from a truck in La Quinta

      We obtained a settlement after proving speculative loss of potential earnings through the use of an economist for a woman who broke her ankle in a collision resulting from an object falling from a plastering company. The manner of our presentation of the loss of earnings, through a respected economist, which were otherwise speculative in nature, allowed us to obtain a very favorable settlement for our client. The manner and method in which the damages are presented to the insurance carrier, utilizing economic experts where needed, and negotiated by your attorney greatly effects and determines the amount of the settlement obtained.